Kanadensisk back klar

18 maj 2021 12:58

Förra säsongen kom hon till Sverige och spelade för första gången och nu är det klart att det blir spel i Almtuna kommande säsong för Misty Seastrom.

Kanadensiske backen Misty Seastrom 31 år och högerfattad med Creston BC i Kanada som moderklubb är klar för spel i Almtunas damlag. Förra säsongen som avbröts på grund av Covid-19 så kom Misty till Sverige och Skövde för att spela hockey i Damettan. Det hann bli 5 matcher innan säsongen avbröts och hon stod för 1 (0-1) poäng då. Nu blir det alltså fortsatt spel i Damettan men hos oss i Almtuna istället.

-Misty är en rutinerad back med bra defensiva egenskaper. Vi har scoutat henne och tror hon kommer att hjälpa våra unga egna backtalanger att utvecklas då hon har väldigt bra spelförståelse kombinerat med hennes rutin, säger tränare Aleksandrs Semjonovs.

Vi ställde några snabba frågor till Misty:

Can you in a few words tell us what kind of person you are off the ice?
-Off the ice I am usually in the gym or playing sports with friends. I also am finishing my final year of a business degree, so when I am not in the gym or on the ice, I am usually studying. Before Covid I used to also travel a lot to different countries because I like new experiences and seeing new things.

As a hockeyplayer - what would you say is your strength out there on the ice?
-My strength is my ability to understand the game and predict what will happen. I position myself so that I am always an option for my teammates to pass to, or available to cover if they lose the puck. I'm always thinking and moving.

You're in Canada right now. Do you have a team to practice with over the summer or do you have to handle it all on your own?
-There is no ice right now because we just started another lockdown, but I am hopeful that in June or July we will be allowed back on the ice to practice. Because of restrictions there is no team option, but I train with a small group of college athletes, off-ice, with a trainer for strength and movement. Some friends and I also play outdoor ball hockey (similar to floorball), while we wait for the ice to be available.

Due to the pandemic, it was just a short time playing in Skövde last season for you. But did you notice any differences between Canadian hockey and Swedish hockey?
-The biggest difference is the amount of time that you have when you have the puck. In the league I played before, because of the speed of the players and the size of the ice, you have to move the puck as soon as you receive it. On this ice, you have more time to skate and make decisions. Also, the referees call penalties a lot easier, some games felt like it was basketball rules with no contact allowed at all.

Thank you and welcome to Almtuna Misty. We look forward to have you here in Uppsala and Almtuna when the season is on.